Our Aim

Purpose of the company

ASTUS S.A , founded in August 2007, is an independent French company that benefits from transfer of technology from the company ISD SA (Integrated System Development SA) based in Greece that meets the major system manufacturers development needs.

ASTUS S.A acts in the field of systems integration for emerging markets. Its skills in acquisition, transmission, encryption, storage and processing of digital or analog data and its flexibility in these areas allow it to respond to diverse needs.

ASTUS S.A has been operating since 2007 in the field of Telemedicine. Its first product is a Medical Assistant from Distance (AMD – french, PDU – english ) for the acquisition, transmission and secure processing of medical information. This is an automatic, portable, easy to use system ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of information. It “virtually transports” the patient to his doctor, responding to the shortage of general practitioners in rural or isolated areas. PDU addresses the needs of medical practitioners, home hospitalization (HAD), rural health centers, and in other specific areas of remote service such as marine and aviation. Currently, the third generation of the system has been developed and validated, and is available on the market.